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Management System

POLYGON develop the management system for LPG gas company with the vision Just Gas Smart. POLYGON aims to help gas company

1. Reduce cylinder loss,track and recover stolen and lost cylinders, in order to reduce the number of cylinders that needs to be purchased each year.

2. Increase the circulation rate of cylinders in supply chain.

3. Provide feedback on cylinder status to customers via mobile phone.

4. Eliminate Paperwork and Transcription Error.

5. Track Drivers and the associated movements of cylinders, thereby identifying points in the supply chain where LPG diversion occurs.

6. Identify dead inventory at customer locations, retail points of sale and distribution centers so that the company can take necessary steps to reactivate its inventory.

7. Automatically identify which resellers are running low on inventory so that timely resupply can be made, thereby ensuring that resellers do not run on LPG.

8. Enable the company concentrate on high and low market zones and identify best customer zones.

9. Enable the company to differentiate itself in the market through superior service and cylinder safety measures to build its brand.

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